Park City Municipal COVID-19 Updates:

Parking Services

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Due to COVID-19 Summit County public health orders,

paid parking is currently suspended in Old Town Park City.

Please observe all regulatory parking signs as no parking areas, fire lanes, and handicapped parking

and other critical parking areas are still being enforced.



Park City Parking services will be simplifying paid parking in the China Bridge parking garage by replacing the pay stations with the same type of equipment found in the rest of the parking lots in Old Town. This project is expected to begin late May 2020  and conclude by July 2020.


Please review the following FAQ's to learn more about this project

  1. What is changing in the China Bridge garage?
    1. Park City is changing the way you pay in China Bridge! Instead of taking a ticket and paying as you leave the garage, you will instead park, provide your license plate number, then pay upfront for parking using your personal phone or a conveniently located meter. (You may recognize these same meters on Main Street and in nearby Old Town surface lots.) There are no plans to change the “Free until 5pm”, “1st hour free”, or permit offerings in the garage. Vehicles found without payment, a permit, or validation will receive a parking ticket—similar to parking on Main Street.
  2. Why is China Bridge changing?
    1. The gated system is confusing, expensive to maintain, and is not taking advantage of newer and more convenient parking technology. The new system is easier to use for customers, more flexible, and will provide significant savings to city resources.
  3. How can I pay for parking using my smart phone?
    1. It’s easy! Download the free GO Park City app from the App Store or Google Play Store, enter your license plate, payment information, and the China Bridge zone number (4359). From there you can choose your length of parking session, and extend-by-phone if you end up needing more time.
  4. What do I do if I don’t have a smart phone or credit card?
    1. Both cash and card payment options will be available at the physical meters located throughout China Bridge. Although payment via smart phone is an option, it is not required! Cash payment for parking may be made on the street level of the garage on Swede Alley.
  5. How much does it cost to park in the China Bridge lot?
    1. Parking costs may vary depending on time of year, or whether a large scale event in going on in town. However, rates are typically $1-$3/hour, free until 5pm daily, 1st hour of parking free. For specific rate info, please consult signage, meter graphics, and the GO Park City app.
  6. I am a Main Street resident. How will my permit work with this new system?
    1. Your permit will still grant free parking in the China Bridge lot, in addition to your license plate being registered in our system.
  7. Will this cost Park City tax payers anything?
    1. No. The Parking department is an enterprise fund which funds projects through parking revenue, not taxpayer money. Though there is a small cost associated with installing the new meter system, this cost is offset with the savings from transitioning this year. Operational savings will be significant and are in line with city-wide cost reduction efforts.
  8. What is happening to the validation system?
    1. Though the old blue validation stubs are a thing of the past, our new system will allow for more flexible validation options including customizable codes. This gives us room for guest accommodations while making parking for city-wide events like City Council meetings easier and more inviting.
  9. Will Main Street merchants be able to utilize the validation system?
    1. There is no system in place at this time. However, the Parking department is working with the HPCA and other PCMC departments to implement a merchant validation system, made possible by this new technology installation in China Bridge and once paid parking is returned to Old Town.
  10. Will China Bridge still provide ADA parking?
    1. Yes. ADA parking in any paid lot in Park City is free for vehicles displaying a valid ADA credential (placard, license plate). Please ensure that your placard is fully displayed before leaving the vehicle unattended.
  11. Is there a Main Street employee parking option in China Bridge?
    1. Right now the free Carpool permit system is still in effect, and the Parking Department is working with Main Street businesses to devise more options for Main Street employees. Ultimately the new system offers even more options for future programs.
  12. How can I get support or submit feedback about Park City Parking?
    1. If you are experiencing difficulty while trying to park, please contact our on-call officer at (435)640-6906 for immediate assistance. Otherwise, inquiries regarding this project or the parking program can be submitted using the “feedback” button below or directly to the Parking manager or supervisor: Johnny Wasden, Manager:; Billy Kurek, Supervisor:



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